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Want to help raise £4,000 to secure the future of Hops & Dots brewery, and be a part of the #CraftForAll community? Read on! As we set up our new brewery and taproom we want to expand our approach to making everything we do as accessible as possible. We also intend to become a community-focused business that engages with our local people, especially with those who experience sight loss. As a small operation we haven't kept up with demand with regards to the hops and the dots as much as we had planned, but we hope both of those things...

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Hops and Dots Brew Co. was founded with a love of beer and braille. Before I founded Hops and Dots with my good friend Hugh, I was known mostly for my knowledge of braille, especially the production of braille and the use of technology. The beers we produce are intended to be accessible and tasty (obviously); but brewing is something I am still learning from and making mistakes (like taking the wrong valve of a pressurised tank). The braille (dots) has been my specialism for a long time now - it is my day job. As we set-up our new...

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