We're Crowdfunding!

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We're Crowdfunding!

Want to help raise £4,000 to secure the future of Hops & Dots brewery, and be a part of the #CraftForAll community? Read on!

As we set up our new brewery and taproom we want to expand our approach to making everything we do as accessible as possible. We also intend to become a community-focused business that engages with our local people, especially with those who experience sight loss. As a small operation we haven't kept up with demand with regards to the hops and the dots as much as we had planned, but we hope both of those things change very soon! 

There have been a lot of changes at Hops & Dots recently, and with the COVID-19 pandemic decimating craft breweries up and down the country, we need your help. 

We moved to our brand new brewery site in Bishop Auckland to make our brewery even bigger and better for you all! To take Hops & Dots to the next level, we’re asking for your assistance, and we’re offering some great beery rewards in return!


What are we planning?

We’re aiming to raise £4,000 before the pubs are able to fully reopen in mid-May (fingers crossed!). This money will help our very small team to be able to focus on what’s important - brewing quality craft beers and helping to share our #CraftForAll message even further. At a time when isolation is ending for most, we want to raise awareness of the impact visual impairment has, and make a taproom and beer community based on accessibility to a greater number of people.

We’ve recently invested in a brand new canning machine, to be able to compete with the bigger breweries who already have these systems in place, and we’re trying to incorporate braille into our beers and taproom as much as possible, whilst sharing information to help others understand braille and the impact sight loss has.


Why do we need your help?

This past year has been incredibly difficult for the brewing industry, especially us little guys. With pubs that we rely on to sell our beer being closed or very restricted with how they can trade, we lost a load of revenue, which we’ve done our best to recover through our online store and direct deliveries, but this isn’t how breweries sell most of their beer. Our move to Bishop Auckland sees us sharing a space with our friends at Caps Off Brewery, and feels like coming home to us; we want to be a thriving part of the local community and share our #CraftForAll ethos across the country.

We’re looking ahead to the future and pubs being able to open inside again this summer (fingers crossed), and want to make Hop & Dots the very best it can be - from our beers, taproom space and events, to our commitment to making craft beer more accessible, especially to those with visual impairments.


Want to help us out?

There are so many ways you can help Hops & Dots right now. From pledging to buy rewards for yourself, family, friends, or workmates, to sharing info and the link to our Crowdfunder on your social media - it all makes a difference. Rewards start at only £1, so that there are affordable options, whatever your budget.

And if you’re reading this and are unable to help financially right now, we completely understand. Times have been tough on so many, but you can show your support in other ways. By liking and sharing our posts and the Crowdfunder link on your social media, you’re really helping us out! 


Got any questions?

Get in touch with us at john@hopsanddots.com.


Want to play a part in the future of our brewery? Check out our rewards!