The Empress - Blueprint No. 54 - 6.5%

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Whisky Barrel Aged Blueberry & Raspberry Pink Imperial Pale. In a time before the American Craft Beer Revolution and the cliched formula of citrus hops, brewers of distinction could excel using only local ingredients and know-how. Yet, this was the time when steamships exported barrels of beer across the Empire. This was the age of Victoria. Her majesty, despite her sour exterior, was known to enjoy both beer and especially Scotch Whisky. We united these disparate factors to craft The Empress. The Empress is a whisky barrel-aged delight, ennobled with luscious Victoria blackberries and sweet, succulent raspberries. The latter provides the beverages colour and remarkable pink crown of foam. The highly coveted "British Funk" from the brettanomyces yeast provides a piquant tang. This bite is married to the forest fruit flavours. The mouthfeel is effervescent and dry while barrel imparts a cultivated oak aroma. At an imperial 6.5% alcohol, this truly is a beer worthy of the Empress of India herself!