Gaslight the Electorate Black Barley Wine - 10.1%

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A Black Barely Wine This is a straight talking, honest, no holds bared barley wine, with a dark, sinister edge. You may think you know what you are in for, and youll be convinced its harmless enough. But if you trust, and let it in, it will get you. With a blend U.S. hops (Amarillo & Cascade) and U.K. (UK cascade & Minstrel), because lets face it, both sides of the Atlantic have inspired this beer. Expect orange citrus, a hint of grapefruit, red berry and a slight herbal floral finish. All balanced with a rich, full, caramel body from the malt. No one is going to limit us to a 10pm curfew! No, i mean, we pushed this just beyond 10% ABV for a warm boozy character, to take the edge off those never ending press conferences, where no one ever really answers anything. Youre crazy if you dont love this beer! Its done everything for you, so it has to be you. Vegan Available in innocent 330ml cans