Crisitunity - Blueprint No. 53 - 6.4%

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Barrel Aged Blueberry Stout. According to the greatest sage of our time, Lisa Simpson, the Japanese have the same word for crisis as opportunity. Last Spring, with this insight firmly in our minds, we took the opportunity to further our barrel-aged beer project. We took some second runnings from an Impy and added blueberries and brett. We then shared the resulting concoction between three different barrels. Each evolved in a singular fashion, extracting flavour and texture from the wood and the remnants of what the barrel stored before. Excited by the resulting diversity of character, we knew that judiciously blending elements of each would result in something truly spectacular. We proportioned the various components, paying particular attention to the individual flavours, into something that balanced the extreme of each into something much more reserved. The result is deep and dark in colour, smooth and roast in taste. The blueberries deliver a subtle fruitiness and tannic complexity to the brew. The aroma is malty with rustic notes from the woods, especially from the bourbon barrel. At 6.4%, this is beer will help you enjoy staying at home during the longer evenings.