Weird Beard - Half Life of Facts

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IPA India Pale Ale right? That's a fact, no? Well, it may have been in 1820, but the style has evolved, and the life cycle of that fact has expired.

To be fair, you don't really know what youre going to get when you order an IPA at the bar nowadays. It could be pale as our friends from 1820 would expect, or it could be black, opaque, bitter or sweet. Just as beer styles evolve, science and our knowledge evolves too. What we knew to be fact two hundred years ago may be laughed at now.

So in recognition of this, we bring you our tribute to the evolution of facts. This IPA is well hopped, with those classic West Coast hops: Cascade, Columbus and Simcoe. But we have gone with a more modern take on the style, with a bit hazy, more body and some remaining sweetness. Expect a hit of mango and lychee on the nose and flavours of guava and ripe melon, with a slight grapefruit finish.